Managerial Finance and Accounting

Course program

All important management decisions are based on financial information and also affect the firm’s future financial situation at the same time. Against this background it is an elementary requirement for business graduates to have an understanding of the financial fundamentals of management. Moreover, a basic understanding of financial mechanisms is a prerequisite for the successful participation in many other business courses.

The course „Managerial finance and accounting“ helps students of the master in management program to develop knowledge about the most important aspects of corporate management. For this purpose the course provides the most relevant concepts and instruments of financial management. These include – in addition to the financial statement – fields like liquidity, capital and financing, performance measurement, investment(s), company valuations or value management.

The course combines lectures, tutorials and self-studies in order to provide students the analytical and conceptual foundations of financial management. For the lecture sessions, all students join in one class at the same time. For the tutorial sessions, the class will be split up into two separate groups. Every student has to sign up in StudOn in order to be in one of the two groups. In total there are four tutorial sessions during the semester. The exact dates can be found in the course program.


Students need to sign up for the tutorial sessions via StudOn starting on 10 April 2017. For the lecture sessions no registration is needed.


Instructors Date Start
Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg
Dr. Sebastian Junge
Wednesday, 15.00 – 16.30, Room H2 25.10.2017


Instructor Dates Start
Verena Körner Group 1: Monday, 11.30 – 13.00, Room 0.143

Group 2: Wednesday, 15.00 – 16.30, Room H2

13.11.2017 or 15.11.2017