Change Management

Course Program

This course focuses on one of the most important management tasks: to achieve change in organizations. It deals with systematic approaches to influence individuals, teams and the organization as a whole in a desired way – in order to develop a company from its current to a future state. The course adopts a management perspective and provides participants with theoretical concepts and practical tools for managing organizational change.
At the end of this course, students should be familiar with the tasks and challenges of managing change in organizations. They should be aware of the role but also the limitations of managers in achieving change and developing organizations.
The course Change Management is an elective course of the Master in Management program. The module is worth 5 ECTS and consists of a lecture and case study sessions.

The assessment will be based on a 60 minute written exam, constituting 100% of the module grading.


For the lecture „Change Management“ no registration is necessary.
For the Case Study Sessions a registration via StudOn is necessary. The next registration phase will start at the beginning of the summer term (approximately in April 2018). The exact dates will be announced here in due course.


Instructor Time, Room Start
Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg to be announced April , 2018 – precise date to be announced

Case Study Session

Instructor Time, Room Start
Verena Körner to be announced April , 2018 – precise date to be announced